Troubleshooting Tips

Pool equipment not working properly? Here’s a handy checklist.

We have prepared these troubleshooting tips to help save our customers time and money. Before calling the Betz Service Department, please take a few moments to review this list, the solution may turn out to be something simple.

NOTE: Cloudy water can be caused by poor circulation, but also from improper water balance. To learn about water care checkout our helpful videos.

Pool Equipment Troubleshooting

Pump won't catch full prime

  • Make sure lid O-ring is on and is clean
  • Make sure pump lid is on tight
  • Check impeller for debris
  • Check to make sure all valves on the suction and return lines are open
  • Backwash / clean filter

Water in pump is surging

  • Check impeller for debris
  • Clean skimmer basket, check for obstructions
  • Water level too low in pool
  • Weir door stuck in skimmer
  • Suction line may be plugged

Little or no suction when vacuuming. How do I get better pressure/suction?

  • Make sure all suction valves are closed except skimmer/vacuum line
  • Check pump for proper operation (see points above)

Pump motor won’t run

  • check for open switch or disconnected wiring
  • check power source, breaker or fuse on main electrical panel
  • thermal overload device has tripped, let pump cool down to reset
  • seized shaft
  • burned out motor or starting switch

Motor runs slow

  • low voltage
  • shaft binding or impeller rubbing, clear debris

Motor runs too hot

  • improper voltage
  • shaft binding or impeller rubbing, clear debris
  • inadequate ventilation

Will not pump

  • pump is not primed
  • air leaks in suction line
  • suction or discharge plugged
  • water level too low
  • skimmer weir door is stuck

Low pump capacity

  • check setting of dial valve on filter
  • suction or discharge partially plugged
  • impeller clogged with grass or pine needles
  • excessive impeller clearance
  • plugged basket in pump or skimmer
  • dirty filter
  • partially closed valve on suction
  • diffuser O-ring worn out

Low pump pressure

  • check setting on filter dial valve
  • excessive impeller clearance
  • impeller clogged with grass or pine needles
  • no eyeball restricters in returns

High pump pressure

  • dirty filter
  • discharge valve or inlet fitting closed
  • discharge plugged

Noisy pump and motor

  • plugged basket in pump or skimmer
  • worn bearing in motor
  • suction line plugged
  • valve on suction valve partially closed
  • vacuum cleaner hose plugged or too small
  • impeller rubbing on pump case

Short filter cycle

  • excessive dirt load
  • dirty make-up water
  • algae growth
  • filter not backwashed properly
  • calcification of filter medium

Inadequate filter action

  • excessive dirt load
  • calcification of filter medium
  • channels in filter medium
  • air accumulating in filter

Dirt returned to pool

  • inadequate rinsing after backwashing
  • air accumulating in filter
  • corrosion of heater or pool piping

Air in pool returns

  • leak in suction line
  • cover on hair and lint strainer loose
  • restriction in suction line
  • low water level in pool
  • skimmer weir door stuck

Sand returned to pool

  • excessive filter rate
  • calcification of medium
  • broken underdrain in sand filter
  • in cartridge filters: filter medium incorrect, broken or not sitting properly

Water leaks along pump

  • replace shaft seal of pump

If none of the above options were of assistance, please contact Betz Service and we will try to correct the issue quickly so you can get back to enjoying your backyard.