Finest Fiberglass


Betz Pools is not able to install Fiberglass pools until further notice since our installation crews are fully committed well into foreseeable future. Thank you for your understanding.

Enjoy Betz quality in glistening Fiberglass.

Betz now offers all the popular pool types: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass . We are pleased to install the leading fiberglass brand in North America, Latham Pools, with a manufacturing history in the USA going back to 1979. Latham Pools represent the finest quality in the category, an essential requirement for products installed by Betz.

Fiberglass pools have been available for decades. However, customer satisfaction over the long-term has varied. It was directly dependant upon two critical factors: the quality of the pool shell and the skill of the installers. Special knowledge and experience are vital to ensuring a perfect fitting base with excellent drainage. This is essential to maintaining a fully stable pool wall, which is critical for fiberglass. After 80 years of installing pools it’s hard to find a pool builder more experienced than Betz.

Some of the quality benefits of Latham fiberglass:
  • Ease of maintenance, minute particles tend not to adhere to the ultra smooth finish
  • Speed of installation, usually in days instead of weeks (following permit approvals)
  • Wide selection of Crystite glass smooth interior finishes that feel good underfoot
  • Reduced chemical use, algae growth is inhibited on non-porous surfaces
  • With proper maintenance the interior finish will last for decades
  • Innovative manufacturing delivers unique custom options: integrated hot tubs, tanning shelves, infinity edges, water features, in-floor cleaning systems and LED lighting
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Latham has the strongest fiberglass pool core on the market

The heart of Latham's premium fiberglass pool is its ceramic core, created from a proprietary process which combines ceramics, silicates, resins, polymers and specific additives to create a fiberglass core of unsurpassed durability.

Using closed beam construction, Latham surrounds this core with an exclusive combination of vinyl ester resin, chopped fiberglass and hand-laid fiberglass. This unique process creates a pool shell with greater structural strength, more impact resistance, enhanced expansion and contraction properties plus better waterproofing characteristics than all traditional forms of fiberglass construction.

The Latham Advanced Composite Pool
  1. Exclusive Crystite G2® finish, Diamond Series™ finish, or gel-coat
  2. Vinyl ester resin, chopped fiberglass, and hand-laid fiberglass for impact resistance and blister protection
  3. The Ceramic Core increases strength and enhances water resistance
  4. Hand-laid and chopped fiberglass acts as a corrosion barrier and enhances durability
  5. Closed-beam construction means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction available in the pool industry
For complete information visit the Latham Pools website

If your choice is fiberglass, you won’t find a better combination than the unsurpassed quality of Latham fiberglass and the industry leading installation experience of Betz Pools. Every Latham pool comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will have decades of peace of mind.