A Betz Pool is Worth More

With a Betz pool, quality and value make a world of difference.

For more than 80 years, the Betz name has stood for craftsmanship. And when you consider the outstanding features that are standard with every Betz pool, you'll know why we're also known for quality and value. That's why real estate listings often mention Betz by name, they know a Betz pool will add value to your home.

Here are some important things that are included in every Betz pool:

Concrete Pools

  • We mix 6,000 PSI Dry Gunite concrete for our pool shells, while most companies use only Shotcrete at 5,000 PSI. Dry Gunite is not only more durable, but makes for a straighter pool wall and more even interior finishes.
  • Betz uses more reinforcing steel in the pool wall than other builders. We install a double row of rebar on the top three feet to protect from winter freezing and thawing cycles.
  • We use 12" full bodied porcelain tile to provide a full-width band around the waterline. Full bodied porcelain is less permeable to water.
  • With Betz, you get features that others charge for, such as a MDX main drain which sucks debris from the bottom of the pool and redirects it to a leaf canister in the deck. We also install a roughed-in automatic pool cleaner line.
  • All Betz concrete spa installations include a skimmer. Others either don't include one or charge extra for it.
  • And one more important difference: Many companies create "hopper" bottoms in their pools, with corners that are slanted, reducing your diving area. Betz creates true radius corners, giving you deeper vertical walls. It takes more concrete and steel to do a full radius corner, and it requires more excavation. Yet we believe it's the only way to do a truly proper job.

Vinyl Pools

  • Tough 14-gauge, riveted steel walls protected with an extra-thick, Z-700 galvanized coating for maximum durability.
  • Fully boxed-in "X" braces approximately every 4 feet for superior support. Our structurally reinforced wall and deck support is the strongest in the pool industry.
  • Every Betz vinyl pool includes our proprietary sump well, which protects you from having to pull out the liner if excess water collects around the pool during a severe wet period.
  • We use only finest quality pool liners formed from pure virgin vinyl. Our liners are algae-resistant and feature virtually invisible Ultra-Seam. Each liner is computer-designed and manufactured to ensure a precision fit.
  • Industry-leading customization available for laser-cut vinyl over steel walk-in stairs, underwater benches with spa jets, swim-out benches, tanning shelves and in-floor cleaning systems. Plumbing fittings can be colour-coordinated to the vinyl liner.

All Betz Pools

  • With Betz, everything is clearly spelled out up front. Our quotes include detailed itemization so you know exactly what is included and what is extra. Many builders are vague about these details which makes it hard to know your actual total costs. These missing details can result in hidden extras for things like project management, local permits, gas and electrical hook-up, etc.
  • All of our included equipment is top quality by category, such as Pentair pumps and filters, Raypak heaters, Hayward chlorinators and Jandy control systems. Some builders install all components from a single manufacturer to obtain a better discount, but at Betz our primary concern is product performance, ease of maintenance and long-term reliability.
  • Betz uses only PVC pipe, for stronger, neater plumbing installations. Some others use Polypipe, which is less expensive and lower quality.
  • Betz’s plumbing configurations utilize 2” pipe which enables greater flow-through for improved circulation. This is helpful for maintaining proper water balance.
  • Our exclusive 5-year all-inclusive guarantee is available on every Betz pool. It costs more to provide but speaks volumes about our quality and value.
You'll never regret buying Betz quality.


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