Our Guarantee

Trouble-free enjoyment for years to come.

Beyond giving you peace of mind, a company's guarantee is a measure of both its integrity and workmanship. That's why Betz is able to offer a guarantee that stands alone in the pool industry, 5 full years of coverage on Betz pool components and most installed accessories. What's more, if you sell your home, your Betz guarantee is fully transferable.

For over 80 years, Betz has been the name you can trust.

How can Betz offer a guarantee that covers so much and lasts so long? Look at how we build our pools. For concrete pools only Betz uses genuine dry Gunite, the strongest concrete available, for vinyl liner pools Betz uses fully boxed-in "X" braces approximately every four feet to create a rock-solid pool wall that's the best in the business. We simply won't compromise on materials or workmanship.

With more than 80 years of building pools to the industry's highest standards, Betz is the name you can trust for quality. Guaranteed.