Our Process

Pool building is worry-free with the Betz "turnkey" process.

When you entrust your pool to Betz, you receive more than expert construction. You get an award-winning team of designers, landscape architects and construction managers, all working to bring out the beauty of your home and yard. Your Betz team will organize everything: designing, obtaining permits, ordering materials, hiring specialty trades and supervising construction to ensure that your building experience is worry-free. With Betz handling your pool project, here is what you can expect:

Consultation and Needs Assessment

At the outset of your project, you will meet with a Betz representative to survey the jobsite and discuss your needs and budget. The scope of the project can range from a simple pool and deck installation to the creation of a complete outdoor lifestyle environment. It's helpful to browse through our photo galleries and even the website houzz.com, to find pictures of pools that you like to help get the ideas flowing.


Betz's experienced landscape designers understand both the art and technical aspects of introducing a pool into your environment. Following your initial consultation, you will be presented with a comprehensive computer-generated pool and landscape design for consideration. Your ideas and opinions are important to us so you'll have lots of opportunities for input before the plan is finalized.


The professionals at Betz are experts in timing and logistics. Once the pool plan has been approved, earth will be broken and the site prepared for pool construction and landscaping. Special care will be taken to protect existing backyard structures and valuable plantings.

Pool Framework and Plumbing

Once the site has been excavated, a steel grid will be installed. This provides structural strength to the pool and serves as the foundation for the Gunite application. Plumbing rough-ins are also installed at this time.

Gunite Application

Concrete is sprayed onto the surface of the pool using the patented dry Gunite process. Dry Portland cement, sand, gravel and water are mixed at the exact point of application to the pool interior resulting in the most durable, long lasting pool shell money can buy.

Tile and Coping

With the Gunite in place, a row of tile is applied at the water line. Although it appears decorative, the tile actually enhances surface durability. Coping (pool edging) is then installed, forming a tight seal between the pool and deck to prevent water leakage.

Interior Finish

ArmorQuartz, an upgraded marbelite plaster finish, is applied to the pool shell to smooth the surface, seal out moisture and protect against pitting. Highly durable ArmorQuartz plus the many optional premium aggregate finishes, are available in a wide variety of colours.

Landscaping and Fencing

Once the pool has been installed, the Betz team will complete the surrounding landscape and add the final finishing touches. Great care is taken to preserve any existing plant matter while new material is being installed.


With everything in place, your pool is ready for the "start-up.” Every Betz customer is provided with a personal "Pool School" tutorial, it’s the foundation for countless hours of happy swimming and relaxation.