Backyard Planning

Pool Planning: Let Betz bring your backyard dreams to life.

At one time, most swimming pool installations looked pretty much the same. Today, the options for creating an attractive and functional outdoor living space are virtually unlimited. That's why when you entrust your pool project to Betz, you get more than expert construction. You get an award-winning team of designers and landscape architects, dedicated to bringing out the beauty in your home and yard.

At the outset of your project, you will meet with your Betz representative to survey the jobsite and discuss your needs and budget. Here are some things to think about in advance to make the most of your initial consultation.

Pool Size and Shape

Think about who will use the pool and how, for relaxation and refreshment, entertaining, exercise, or a focal point for family fun and games. The activities you envision will influence the size, shape, depth and special features that determine your pool design.

Pool Orientation

Establishing the right location for the pool is another important consideration. Take both interior and exterior views into account as well as the patterns of sunlight in your yard. Privacy, an important concern for most people, can be achieved through strategic pool placement as well as creative landscaping.

Pool Construction

Betz offers the highest quality in both concrete and vinyl pool construction. Concrete is more durable and allows for a greater degree of customization while vinyl is an excellent choice for affordable family fun. For more information about pool construction, see Our Process.


Pool Features

Imagine the soothing tranquility of a waterfall, the warmth of a sun-bathed deck, and the soft flicker of lights reflecting off the water, all in your own backyard. You can take your pool experience to the next level by incorporating one or more special feature options. Betz offers a myriad of choices from accent lighting and fire features to reflecting pools and tanning shelves. Review the photographs in our Gallery and take note of things you like. This will help our design team create a unique plan that truly enhances the enjoyment of your property.


If a home resort ambience is what you have in mind, consider incorporating a spa into your pool plan. Soothing and invigorating, the latest spas feature high-pressure massaging water jets and computerized temperature controls. Often a focal point for entertaining, a custom-designed concrete spa can be integrated into your poolscape, or if you prefer, a freestanding acrylic spa can serve as a relaxing oasis.


Landscaping can transform a straightforward pool installation into a total backyard experience. Like a room in your home, your poolscape is a form of personal expression, so give some thought to creating the perfect mood. The clean lines if a modern urban oasis, the rugged atmosphere of a northern cottage retreat, the Zen of a Japanese garden, the classic formality of a Mediterranean Villa, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Practical Considerations

While anticipating the pleasures of pool ownership, it is easy to overlook the practicalities. Where will people change? How will equipment and chemicals be stored? Is there a convenient service area for refreshments? Not to worry, you can trust your Betz consultant to ask all the right questions, and once the process begins, he'll ensure that all the important details are looked after.