Auto Pool Fillers

No more dragging around hoses with the Betz Auto Fill device.

For a pool to function at its best, water levels should be maintained within a specified range. Evaporation from the sun and wind and even rambunctious pool use will have an impact. It’s important to never let water levels drop below the skimmer, the pump can run dry and damage or even burn out the motor.

Betz Auto Fill

With a Betz proprietary Auto Fill device, keeping your pool topped up is easy. Built into the pool and connected directly to the water system, it automatically maintains a pre-set water level. This not only increases the effectiveness of the skimmer by helping it draw in more surface debris, but also saves you precious time by eliminating the need for the pulling out and putting away of hoses.

With over seven decades of pool building experience, you can count on Betz to bring satisfaction to the pool owner experience.