Auto Pool Cleaners

Work less and play more with an automatic pool cleaner.

Easy and convenient to use, automatic pool cleaners boost pool enjoyment considerably while reducing pool maintenance costs. There are basically two types of cleaners, custom in-floor cleaning systems utilizing strategically placed nozzles and jets and mobile sweepers which move about the pool and collect debris in a canister or bag. Regardless of which system you have, an automatic pool cleaner will make a world of difference to the day-to-day enjoyment of your pool.

Paramount PCC 2000 In-floor Cleaning System

Paramount is the world’s number one name in-floor cleaning systems and Betz is proud to be an exclusive dealer for their leading system, the PCC 2000. This system, which is custom-built into concrete pools, not only guarantees 99% cleaning effectiveness for the entire pool, but also delivers superior circulation of pool water thanks to a matrix of pop-up jets. These jets are more effective than traditional returns which direct flow to the surface. This video explains how the system works.


Polaris Robotic and Pressure Pool Cleaners

Although there are many pool cleaners on the market, Betz has found Polaris, the leader in the field for more than 40 years, to be the most reliable. Polaris offers both robotic and pressure-based systems which sweep, scrub and vacuum your pool as they trap debris in a canister or filter bag. Either of these systems will greatly reduce your pool cleaning chores. Here are videos to explain the benefits of each.


Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners

Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners