Vinyl pool construction — How to get the best

You likely know that Betz is the go-to builder for concrete pools. But did you know that Betz also builds the best vinyl pools available?

So what should you look for in a vinyl pool? And how does Betz do it better?

The quick answer

Superior customization: We have a special technique to ensure liners fit perfectly every time regardless of the shape and size of your pool. So our ability to customize not only vinyl pools, but also pool stairs, hot tubs and tanning shelves, is virtually unlimited.

Superior construction techniques: Our attention to excellence includes a process to create the strongest pool wall and patio support you can get on a vinyl pool.

Superior pool equipment: We don’t just stick to one pool equipment supplier, we shop around and get the best of the best from the leading suppliers.

Superior warranty: We are the only builder confident enough in the quality of our vinyl pools to offer a five-year fully comprehensive warranty.

Still here? Great! Read on to learn more about what to look for in a vinyl pool.

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Betz has perfected the vinyl liner pool with superior quality construction and a focus on customization. This pool’s custom full-width vinyl over steel entry steps are an elegant example.

For years Betz stuck to building concrete pools. That was because we did it well and it was the only option that offered bona fide customization.

Over time we noticed that vinyl pools were getting better. With the increased potential for customization, we began to consider offering superior quality vinyl pools to our clients.

In 1992, after years of exhaustive research and testing, we introduced the Betz vinyl liner pool. It has proven beyond a doubt to be the best vinyl pool available. We have a special technique to ensure liners fit perfectly every time, so we can build the pool to any shape and size we want with confidence. Also, we can colour coordinate the plumbing fittings to the liner colour.

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Betz offers complete customization for hot tubs and shallow-depth spa pools. We create them in different shapes and sizes by installing the vinyl liner, complete with spa jets, over steel walls and custom benches on a concrete base.

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Until a few years ago, vinyl pools were installed with fiberglass stairs. These were moulded inserts that would jut out beyond the perimeter of the pool. Now we can build a set of vinyl-over-steel stairs inside the pool, freeing up patio space and giving you better utilization of your backyard. We can also customize the dimension of some steps to account for variables like overhanging coping. If we’re building steps with 12-inch treads and run into overhanging coping, we can make the top tread 15 inches to provide a full 12 inches of usable step.

On our custom stairs, we install padding below the liner. This allows your foot to cushion into the liner, eliminating some of the slipperiness of vinyl installed right over a flat hard surface. Not only does the cushioning gives you some traction, it is more comfortable to sit on and walk on.

The other issue with fiberglass stairs is that you’re stuck with a set floor depth of three feet, which is a little shallow. Once kids learn to swim it’s just not deep enough. A proper pool should be at least three foot six in the shallow end. With our vinyl system, we have the flexibility to customize the depth of the shallow end. In addition, we can design stairs in the exact increments needed to match the shallow end depth rather than settling for stairs with a manufacturer’s preset depth.

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What really differentiates a Betz vinyl pool from the others is our attention to superior construction materials and techniques.

Some of the features of Betz vinyl pool construction include:

  • Tough 14-gauge, riveted steel walls protected with an extra-thick Z-700 galvanized coating for maximum durability.
  • Double zinc-plated rivets made of hardened zinc dichromate steel. Each rivet is self-piercing and locks automatically into place.
  • Fully boxed-in X-braces approximately every four feet. Engineered to deliver premium performance, this structurally reinforced system is the strongest in the pool industry.
  • Finest quality pool liners formed from pure virgin vinyl. Our liners are algae-resistant and feature virtually invisible Ultra-Seam. Each liner is computer-designed and manufactured to ensure an accurate fit.

Another exclusive difference is that every Betz vinyl pool includes our proprietary sump well. This is to protect you from having to pull out the liner if there’s excess water collecting around your pool, such as during a severe wet period. Betz also offers vinyl pools with in-floor cleaning systems (we’re one of the only companies to do so). And to protect the environment, Betz offers eco-friendly vinyl pools that are heated from the bottom.

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Another Betz specialty is tanning shelves. It’s the perfect place to cool off on patio chairs and chaise lounges (but be sure the legs have cushioned pads on the feet). These shelves are also ideal, shallow one-foot-deep play areas for kids.

We also choose the best vinyl pool components (pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, pool cleaners, automation systems etc.). To ensure we’re providing our clients with the best equipment on the market, we don’t promote single-brand package deals like many builders do to help their own bottom line. Instead, we seek out the best supplier for each component. We believe product quality, reliability and warranty reputation are the things that will most benefit our customers.

Not only do we make sure that we put quality products into your pool, we go beyond that and make available our exclusive five-year fully comprehensive warranty. We’re the only pool builder that’s confident enough in the overall quality of our product to be able to offer that level of warranty.

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Space was at a premium in this small backyard, so custom vinyl-over-steel “wedding cake” entry steps were built inside the pool. Standard moulded fiberglass steps, which protrude into the deck area, would not have left enough space for the two chaise lounges.

Want even more information on vinyl pool construction? Feel free to get in touch.

Surfing the Internet is a good start. But your single most important step for pool information is to contact a certified pool professional to make sure you get the custom advice you need.

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