How to turn your backyard into a paradise

The quick answer

1) Hire someone who knows what they're doing

2) Find out what's out there

3) Make your wish list

4) Take a look at real-life examples

Still here? Great! Read on to learn more about why your backyard is in better hands under the umbrella of one experienced company.

After 27 years with Betz Pools, Marc Luff has whittled his work motto down to one statement: No regrets.

For Marc that means making sure his customers don't go to the time, trouble, and expense of designing a backyard project only to regret missing out on something they could have had.

"I don't want my customers going out to parties and coming back to me asking, 'Why didn't you tell me I could have this? Why didn't you show me the options?' "

Walji 031 blog.jpg
This spectacular Betz backyard features a Gunite pool with two sheer descent waterfalls, perimeter overflow spa, cabana with folding glass walls, outdoor kitchen and fire feature.

Follow these tips to get the backyard oasis you want:
1) Hire someone who knows what they're doing

The first step for any large-scale backyard project? Hire a reputable multi-service company to take it on for you.

Marc recalls a customer who thought she would save money by hiring various trades and project managing her backyard project herself.

"We put in a beautiful negative edge swimming pool with a year-round hot tub and did up a backyard design for her. She felt she would save money by piecing together the rest of the work and decided to hire her own builder and landscaper," Marc says. The result? "It became a giant headache for her: huge delays, ongoing arguments, and inconsistent quality of work. She eventually fired two of the landscapers and a builder. And she ended up spending more than what we quoted to take care of it all for her."

Marc has received five referrals through that customer. "It's not often you get referrals because of work you didn't do. But she tells her friends, 'Whatever you do get Betz to do it.' The hassles she went through were just not worth it."

Constantine 089 blog.jpg
Perfect symmetry is the highlight of this backyard with every conceivable feature for luxury living and entertaining.

2) Find out what's out there

If you're looking to transform your backyard into a multi-faceted entertainment oasis, take the time to learn about all the amazing possibilities out there. A multi-service pool company like Betz Pools can introduce you to the best trends in amenities like landscaping, gazebos, fire features, outdoor furnishing and cooking centres.

"There's more out there than people think," Marc says. "When we finish a project people are astonished with the results. We get lots of comments about how much bigger their backyard looks, which is a function of good design and balance."

Really great backyards allow people to flow through areas that offer shade, sun, and shelter from showers. As big party crowds break up into smaller groups, those separate areas make it easier for people to talk and help keep the volume down.

McCaig 053 blog.jpg
This sloping ravine lot could not have retaining walls, so the wall of the Betz Gunite pool helped to accomplish that purpose.

3) Make your wish list

"At Betz we help you put together your wish list and then check out what your property and municipal by-laws will permit," says Marc.

Materials will drive your budget. There are different price ranges and product quality options to choose from.

"Sometimes people will trade off to get a priority item. We guide you on where to spend your money so you can make sure you get what you really want."

4) Take a look at real-life examples

"Once our customers have an idea of what they might like, we suggest moving past the pictures and going out to see the real thing," Marc says.

He remembers one customer who always wanted a pool with a black pool liner. Marc suggested she accompany him to see one. Reluctantly, she agreed. Once she saw the liner in someone else's pool it took her all of 30 seconds to decide against it.

Taking a look at older pools, decks, patios, and amenities also shows you how various materials and models stand up over time.

As Marc says, "The best way to make the right decision is to see it in real life."

Robertson_MG_2522 blog.jpg
This backyard paradise features consistent quality with Betz Pools handling the entire project from initial design through to final installation.

Looking for reliable information on creating your backyard paradise? Feel free to get in touch.

Surfing the Internet is a good start. But your single most important step for pool information is to contact a certified pool professional to make sure you get the custom advice you need.

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Marc Luff
Betz Pools

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