Concrete pool construction — 2. Plumbing and other components

A stable pool wall is critical, but plumbing and other components greatly contribute to the quality of a concrete pool.

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From professional design to meticulous plumbing layout and hydraulics to industry-leading features to ironclad warrantees, Betz has worked hard to earn its admirable reputation for quality in concrete pools.

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If you want your concrete pool to be the very best, trust it to a builder with a sterling reputation for the little touches. As an example, Betz was the first to introduce the tempered glass spill wall on zero edge infinity pools and spas, like on this elegant ‘visual zero edge’ pool.

At Betz, we’ve built our reputation on concrete pools. All our concrete pools are custom-built.

Our in-house landscape designers work with you to make sure your design is a perfect-fit project for you and your property. “We bring in professional engineers to ensure that all our more complicated pools, including vanishing edge pools, are engineered to produce a top quality long-lasting pool that is problem free,” says Marc Luff of Betz Pools. Most other companies just don’t invest in that kind of expertise.

Drawings are done every time for every pool, even straight-forward rectangular pools.

We start by putting a lot of thought into hydraulics and how the pool can be plumbed for best circulation. We assess each situation individually, looking at the pool’s size and configuration, whether it’s in a heavily treed area, etc. For example, skimmers are often placed in the southeast corners of pools because the prevailing winds tend to push debris that way.

“When we calculate water turnover rates for filtration we always overshoot and we don’t hesitate to upsize the pool equipment from industry standard if we think that could help performance,” says Marc. “Typically, we put in more returns and larger plumbing than industry standard. Our two-inch intakes allow enough suction to accommodate the latest high-efficiency pumps.”

We also use MDX main drains in all concrete pools. MDX main drains don’t get plugged up because they suck up debris from the bottom of the pool and redirect it to a leaf canister in the patio. This gives you the peace of mind that your pump will never run dry (as long as there’s enough water in your pool).

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Betz puts careful thought into the hydraulics of every concrete pool. Not only is the plumbing configuration the best it can be, but the workmanship of the final installation must be letter-perfect to live up to the Betz high standard.

Our perfectionism really shows when it comes to the layout of our plumbing. All our pipes are set square in alignment with each other to make sure everything is consistent and easily accessible for maintenance.

“Our pipes are organized consistently so if someone phones in with a maintenance question we know where all their pool piping is and can often walk them right through what they need to know over the phone,” says Marc.

Mark Wideman of Betz Pools adds, “Our plumbing installations look neat and tidy because we only use rigid PVC pipe to come through the equipment pad and connect to the filter, heater, pumps and valves. Some builders use a maze of flexible PVC pipe which can look confusing and messy.”

Little touches are also a big part of a Betz concrete pool.

  • To ensure your pool is fully colour coordinated, Betz can source coloured pool fittings to complement your pool’s plaster finish.
  • Every Betz pool includes a roughed-in automatic pool vacuum fitting, just in case you decide to put one in later.
  • Betz was the first company to install a three-inch tempered glass spill wall on zero edge infinity pools and spas. This element adds a new level of realism to these luxury items.
  • Years of continuous enjoyment is the benefit you’ll get from Betz using only proven quality equipment and components from top name manufacturers like Pentair, Raypak and Jandy.

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Every Betz concrete pool comes with a MDX main drain that draws up leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool and deposits them in a convenient leaf canister in the patio. This is especially useful during the spring and fall when skimmer baskets can become overloaded.

At Betz, we’ve got you covered not just in quality products and service. We’re so confident in the concrete pools we build that we’re the only builder to our knowledge that offers a 10-year guarantee on the structural integrity of the pool shell. Plus, Betz clients get a two-year guarantee on all finishes and a one-year guarantee on everything else. We’re also the only builder that offers clients the option to purchase a five-year fully comprehensive guarantee on all pool components and most installed accessories. And that warranty is transferable even if you sell your home.

Want even more information on what it takes to build a quality pool? Feel free to get in touch.

Surfing the Internet is a good start. But your single most important step for pool information is to contact a certified pool professional to make sure you get the custom advice you need.

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Betz Pools

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